truth, or ILLUSION?

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A codework piece readable by humans in an HTML editor. On Sondheim's UbuWeb: Contemporary page, here's the paratext: "INSTRUCTIONS: Cut and paste into your own html editor, convert into html document, and view in browser."

As Sondheim states, it is text before and after the "wonder" of resurfacing: "(...) some of the letters are represented by their codes; in the second, the upper ascii codes are inserted between the mayas, illusions. So the translations work with codes into codes, implying codes all the way up and down …

There's also of course the wonder—James Ellroy and Merleau-Ponty both talk about wonder—which comes with the text emerging as readable. Of course it was text before and after as well …

In my dialup program, there are also colors in the second piece—"maya-prayer-extension" standing out—the chanting of the syllables of god, speaking the unspeakable …"


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Alvaro Seica