_:terror(aw)ed patches:_

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_:terror(aw)ed patches:_ is a “collaborative fiction that utilizes through live concurrent editing in Google Wave that results in expressive output[s]”

(Source: SpringGun Press, v. 2)

In _:terror(aw)ed patches:_(2009), Shane + Mez create a new method of collaborative “fiction” through _live concurrent editing_ in Google Wave. 

This process results in expressive output[s] termed _Transformations_: “Google Wave uses an algorithmic variation of “operational transformations” [live concurrent editing] which occur through a process called transformation:
· The server transforms the client’s request, resulting in the client manifesting the same transformed output.
· The notion of concurrency is invariably important as it mimics geophysical conversational states.
· Utilizing the server as a point of relay [when more than one client's output is involved] assists in providing scalability and reliability.
· The playback feature allows the server to present the document as a stream of operations that have occurred thus far in a particular wave/state.
Transformation relies on continual modification…This accent on process acts to rewire the notion of documents as statically defined “objects” and [by proxy] any information contained within..."

(Source: Artists' description for ELO_AI)

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Meri Alexandra Raita