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Ten is an electronic literature piece emerges organically from my very digital life as a ten-year-old. Every day I make a lot digital art and interventions - from simple selfies to more complicated stories and most are about presenting myself as a girl who is ten or imagining who I want to be. some are about conforming to how others think i should be... or how I hope they see me. My friends and I exchange and circulate our representations every day... like a networked memoir. For the ELO, Ten will be a carefully curated collection 365 small digital moments from among thousands, set up on a computer using a simple calendar interface. You can select a date and you’ll see a photo or short video, a musical.ly, snapchat photo, an Instagram picture or a storify. To me it’s like a time capsule digital memoir and on my 11th birthday I will do a one minute video about all the things I learned being ten and making these things and sharing them and about this being my world. And advice I would give a ten year old.

Presented on a Desktop PC.

(Source: Description from ELO 2017: Book of Abstracts and Catalogs)

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Pål Alvsaker