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This Twitter character came to life in the “Reality: Being @spenserpratt” netprov, was christened “Tempspence” by Pratt’s followers (as a “temporary” Spencer), and lives on in this Twitter account, along with a community called The Tempspence poets. Their symbiotic existence was sustained by social media interactions of a group of people that came together through this netprov, and extended the life of the performance beyond its metaphorical covers. When “Reality: Being @spencerpratt” ended and everything was revealed, Mark Marino and Rob Wittig did the Twitter equivalent of stepping from behind the curtain to bow and thank the audience, polling them for some of their favorite poetic constraints. The enthusiasm and pleasure in the interactions launched the Tempspence Poets and the poetry games continued in earnest for a while, with @Tempspence as moderator and communication bridge, but it has slowed down almost to a standstill. As participation waned, the authors seem to have concluded the story arc offering some closure by resolving Tempspence’s love dilemma even working in a crossover with “#sootfall.” For now, the character remains in Twitter, occasionally retweeting or participating in a conversation or two, perhaps awaiting a new storyline for him to return to activity. (Source: Leonardo Flores, I ♥ E-Poetry)

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