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Speak v. 3 is a platform with which to experiment with digital poetry. Users can enter their own text and interact with it in the Speak way, or they can feed the app with text from a Twitter stream.

Speak v. 1 was an interactive poem about mistaken identity and the confusion that happens when people believe you are somebody you are not. V. 2 was a mini-platform hosting texts about place, voice and the nature of poetry itself. It features four commissioned texts, written by well-known guest poets:
— J.R. Carpenter
— David Jhave Johnston
— Jim Andrews
— Aya Karpinska

Speak is the first app in the Poetry for Excitable [Mobile] Media (P.o.E.M.M. ) Cycle. We will create a series of ten such apps, each exploring different interaction methods, collaboration strategies, and publication methods. The P.o.E.M.M.s are also part of a series of exhibition-scale interactive touch-works integrated with large-scale printed texts. To find out more about the P.o.E.M.M. project, visit www.poemm.net.

(Source: Author's description on the iTunes store)

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