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 soundAFFECTs, employs the text of 'AFFECTions' by Hazel Smith and Anne Brewster, a fictocritical piece about emotion and affect as its base, but converts it into a piece which combines text as moving image and transforming sound. For the multimedia work Roger Dean programmed a performing interface using the real-time image processing program Jitter; he also programmed a performing interface in MAX/MSP to enable algorithmic generation of the sound. This multimedia work has been shown in performance on many occasions projected on a large screen with live music; the text and sound are processed in real time and each performance is different. Discussed in Hazel Smith 2009. “soundAFFECTs: translation, writing, new media, affect” in Sounds in Translation: Intersections of Music, Technology and Society, Amy Chan and Alistair Noble (eds.), ANU E Press, 2009, pp. 9-24. (Republication of earlier version of the article published in the journal Scan).

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Screenshot of the work: Multiple fragments of white text, overlaid upon a black background.
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Hazel Smith