Sky and Wires: At Home and Homeless

Description (in English): 

"Sky and Wires: At Home and Homeless" is a response to a contemporary life of engaging with places not as a space to be, but as a space to chart a trajectory through.

Artist Statemenet:
The conceptual focus of my work is the synthesis of ideas from cartography, information theory and phenomenology. It exists in a space between the footsteps of the walker, the pulse of a neuron, and the progress of civilization. I'm interested in perspectives different from human-centered values and experiences. A signal isn’t given meaning only upon the receiver’s understanding of it. Noise is part of the signal. A page of random characters contains more information than a Shakespeare sonnet. Formally, monotonous structures and extended crescendos induce near-hypnoidal states, while acknowledging the more aggressive aspects of contemporary life. The conflict between movement and stillness is always present. These aspects take intermedial forms, foregrounding the interplay of sonic and visual elements.

(Source: 2008 ELO Media Arts show)

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Scott Rettberg