Six Sex Scenes

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Six Sex Scenes is a digital narrative. It reads like personal diary, whose pages have been scattered and put back together randomly. It begins as a white page, with black text and six square images. Most of the images are color photographs and appear random and unrelated. Clicking on different images brings you to short texts that recount intimate scenes in the author’s daily life. These texts lead to other texts that follow no logical order. The hypertext pages appear as black writing on a light terra cotta colored background. The color scheme is simple and easy to read. Each text has a title. The author adds spaces between the letters of the title words to create groupings of letters within the words. This makes the titles more visually interesting, and causes the viewer to pay a little extra attention to the words. The text is very personal, and is mainly about sexual confusion and frustration. I felt like I was invading the authors privacy by reading such intimate details, written in such a direct way. The text feels very real, and is at times almost shocking. I became intrigued and curious to find out where the next link would take me. The author writes in the first person, and uses sensory descriptions to connect with the reader. The non linear progression of this narrative is an interesting and unique way to tell a story.

Miller, Cheryl. “Six Sex Scenes a Hypertext Artwork by Adrienne Eisen.”, October 6, 2005.

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Jill Walker Rettberg