Search Trilogy

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The SEARCH TRILOGY (search lutz!, 2006 - searchSongs, 2008 - searchSonata 181 , 2011) performes algorithmically generated texts. The consistency of this trilogy is the usage of words that are typed in real time into searchengines like Google & Co. These search terms are processed by algorithm for further use. In the first piece of work, searchLutz (2006), the search terms are processed into texts, in the second piece, searchSongs (2008), into sounds and melody, and in the latest piece, searchSonata 181, into phonetics as an acoustic bridge between text and sound. The web interfaces of search Lutz!, searchSongs and searchSonata 181 are a means to an end. The essence emerges with a live performance of the algorithmically generated texts. The texts are played back into real space: the message has to pass through the algorithm without getting caught there.

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Elisabeth Nesheim