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Scriptpoemas (2005-) is a collection of poems or “poemas” which is still being written by Antero de Alda. He was described by Rui Torres as an explorer of “new paths for computer-animated poetry” (Torres, 2008). These short and (apparently) ready-to-consume poems were created using Flash, Javascript and ActionScript and they often enact the activity or attribute described in their title. Each poem seems to convey the literal meaning of the words used to describe them: the “poem in prison” is presented behind bars, the “spherical poem” can be described as a round object. However, as soon as the poems are activated by the reader, new details begin to surface. Antero de Alda makes use of the digital environment to uncover the many faces of a poem and the evasiveness of language. The arbitrariness of signs is, after all, widely explored by Alda in each poem. Nothing is what it seems and icons, concepts or famous photographs are defamiliarized and turned into traps designed to betray the reader’s senses. Verses, stanzas and verbal language are reshaped as, or intertwined with, icons, images, sounds and animations. These are not straightforward representations of objects, but particles of an ongoing reflection on language, literature and life.

So far, the following poems have been included in Scriptpoemas: Poema a 33 Rpm [33 RPM poem]; Poema Avariado [broken poem]; Poema na Prisão [poem in prison]; Poema para Jogar [playable poem]; Poema Suicida [suicidal poem]; Poema Pornográfico [pornographic poem]; Poema Zoom; Túnel de Poemas [tunnel of poems]; Sementeira de Poemas [seedbed of poems]; Poema Negro [dark poem]; Poema Ilegível [unreadable poem]; Poema Objecto; Poema Graffiti; Poema Embrião [embrio poem]; Poema Código de Barras [barcode poem]; Poema Habitado [inhabited poem]; Poema de Pedra [stone poem]; Poema Camuflado [undercover poem]; Poema Em Viagem [travelling poem]; Poema Trapezista [trapeze poem]; Poema à Lupa [poem through a magnifying glass]; Galeria de Poemas [gallery of poems]; Poema Puzzle; Livro de Poemas [book of poems]; Poema de Artifício [fireworks’ poem]; Poema Relógio [clock poem]; Poema Tremido [shaky poem]; Arquivo de Poemas [poems’ archive]; Poema na Tv [poem on TV]; Poema de Natal [Christmas poem]; Para não Esquecer [not to forget]; Manta de Poemas [quilt of poems]; Poema Carambola [carom poem]; Poema Carambola 1; Poema Reflexo [reflection poem]; Poema Escondido [hidden poem]; Poema Mensagem [message poem]; Poema de Passagem [stop by poem]; Poema Cinético [kinetic poem]; Poema Translúcido [translucent poem]; Poema Iluminado [illuminated poem]; Poema Diário [daily poem]; Poema Saltitante [hopping poem]; Poema Festivo [merry poem]; Poema em Construção [poem under construction]; Poema Intermitente [intermittent poem]; Poema Adesivo [adhesive poem]; Poema Declamado [recited poem]; Poema Declamado 1; Poema às Moscas [dusty old poem]; Poema às Feras [poem thrown to the beasts]; Poemas Entrelaçados [interlaced poems]; Poema (Im)Possível [(im)possible poem]; Poema no Espaço [poem in space]; Poema Esférico [spherical poem]; Poema Caleidoscópio [kaleidoscopical poem]; Poema Cibernético [cybernetic poem]; Poema Dactilografado [typed poem]; Poema Galáctico [galactic poem]; Poema em Código [poem in code]; Poema Arrastado [dragged poem]; Poema Colorido [colorful poem]; Poema Serpente [serpent poem]; Poema Centrífugo [centrifugal poem]; Googlepoema; Poema Telegráfico [telegraphic poem]; Poema Antifascista [anti-fascist poem]; Poema Psicadélico [psychedelic poem]; Poema Esqueleto [skeleton poem]; Poema Matrix; Poema Cativo [captive poem]; Poema Óptico [optical poem]; Poema Rotativo [rotative poem]; Poema Em Casa [poem at home]; Poema Subaquático [underwater poem]; Poema de Amor [love poem]; Poema por Tamanho [custom size poem]; Poema do Mar [sea poem]; Poema Ao Luar [poem under the moonlight]; Poema à Janela [poem at the window]; Poema de Pesquisa [research poem]; Poema Americano [American poem]; Micropoema; Poema Circulante [circulating poem]; Poema Flutuante [floating poem]; Poema ao Vento [poem to the wind]; Poema Elástico [elastic poem]; O Rasto do Poema [the poem’s trace].

References: Torres, Rui (2008). "Scriptpoemas' introduction", in

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