Rules that Order the Reading of Clouds

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[Screening] Rules that order the reading of clouds’, 2016 is a screen-based work that explores the process of constructing meaning using line. According to Laurent Jenny, the intention of the artist/writer Henri Michaux’s early graphic work was ‘to reconcile writing and drawing, which after all are both attributes of the same line.’ In this new work, the medium for Sally Morfill’s and Ana Čavić’s dialogue is the nomadic line that traverses visual and literary fields as it moves between drawing and poetry. Our starting point is a single digitised sketch selected from a series of quickly executed line drawings of a landscape with clouds. The image is gradually deconstructed and recomposed as a poem, then in turn, the poem is deconstructed and reconfigured as a drawing, emulating the movements of clouds. We set in motion a call and response between drawing and writing, as each new configuration of lines, conjuring new meanings, emphasisesthe fluidity of communication.

Source: ELO Conference 2017.

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Ana Castello