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Right media archeological installation built of modified fax machines performing the same print job in a loop for days. These self –printing machines change their job over time from printing the monostych to drawing a pattern.Two loops of fax paper (5 and 12 metres approximately) are used. One has the text of a poem, while the second one has it printed on itself (repeated many times in loop – fax technology allows copying). On one hand it represents mechanic circling forming of a machine given a task it cannot stop performing, on the other hand the text repeated acquires the aspect of graphicality, linguistic signs trasformed to graphic image, a pattern of graphic symbols. The thermal printing technology used in faxes (instead of ink) allowed for installation to go on during a month without a break. The rustling sound fax produced was collected and enchanced as an important compositional feature.

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Video documentation of the spooling long printout of Radiowall
Video documentation of the spooling long printout of Radiowall going round roller
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Natalia Fedorova