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This bot draws snippets of positive reviews from Rotten Tomatoes (a film and TV review aggregator), changes the director or producer’s name to a Fox News anchor or personality, and tweets it every two minutes. This Twitter account and bot were produced by The Colbert Report as a response to the news that Fox News publicists had thousands of fake social media accounts to try to spin any postings or comments against their news channel. By recontextualizing praise for film and television performances, narrative, and directorial style, as well as adding the #PraiseFOX hashtag, this overwhelmingly frequent, positive praise comes across as ironic and absurd. Its output also serves as a kind of subtweet because whenever anyone searches for one of the Fox News personalities on Twitter they’re likely to get many “Real Human Praise.” Following this bot may prove to be too much for readers because its frequent endless tweeting will certainly accelerate the current in your Twitter stream.

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Eirik Tveit