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This hypertext poem is structured linearly, yet it offers a couple of forks in the road which can sometimes lead to endless delay. Based on a holiday in Rome, the speaker’s sends her wandering eye and inquisitive mind through the city combining text and thematically related images in each node. The first node triggers a popup window titled “Rome_index” which provides a 6 x 5 grid of thumbnail images that respond to mouseovers, bringing up new images of Rome. This sensitive surface allows readers to perform a psychogeographic exploration of Rome as perceived by the speaker’s photographic eye. The circular linearity of the poem allows you to experience it multiple times, each time observing new snippets of this ancient city to juxtapose with the poem’s lyric voice. Note: This poem is best read in Internet Explorer because it uses older JavaScript codes to create pop-up windows in a way that other contemporary browsers have difficulty understanding. You will need to enable pop up windows in your browser to allow all pop ups from the site. (Source: Leonardo Flores, I ♥ E-Poetry)

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Pictures of arches with a poem in the middle
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