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Racter is an artificial intelligence simulator from 1984. Similar to Eliza, Racter will converse with the user until boredom occurs. However, there's a twist - Racter is not quite sane! This makes for a lot of fun conversation.

Racter was originally programmed on an early Apple computer. 

Additional comments by developer William Chamberlain and Thomas Etter:
RACTER was designed in a tongue-in-cheek manner, using remarkably minimal resources, to amuse and entertain its users, rather than to advance the research in natural language processing. In conversation, RACTER plays a very active, almost aggressive role, jumping from topic to topic in wild associations, ultimately producing the manner of - as its co-creator Tom Etter calls it - an "artificially insane" raconteur. Its authors publicize RACTER as an "intense young program [that] haunted libraries, discussion societies, and sleazy barrooms in a never-ending quest to achieve that most unreachable of dreams: to become a raconteur."


Source: https://www.chatbots.org/chatbot/racter/

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Scott Rettberg