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Dietrich Squinkifer’s (aka Squinky) Quing’s Quest VII: The Death of Videogames was created for Ruin Jam 2014, a game jam inspired by tensions over the identity of games and gamers and particularly responding to accusations that feminists and advocates for diversity in games had set out to “ruin” the games industry. Quing’s Quest is built in Twine and takes inspiration from old-school adventure games, including Sierra’s King’s Quest series. The game takes place on a craft called the “Social Justice Warrior” (after a commonly-used pejorative term for those who point out misogyny, racism, transphobia and many other forms of discrimination and hatred online and in gaming culture), and features a character exiled from Videogames after the invasion of the “misogynerds.” This work captures the tension of a historical moment in which only some voices, games and critiques are heard and others are silenced and dismissed. (Source: ELC 3's Editorial Statement)

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Web based, uses HTML5 and JavaScript

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