Queers in Love at the End of the World

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Queers in love at the End of the World is a hypertext game in which the reader experiences fleeting intimacy in a ten-second narrative. In the upper left of the browser window, a timer counting down the seconds prompts the reader to move quickly, advancing the narrative by clicking highlighted action words with little time to deliberate or savor the moments chosen before "Everything is wiped away."

Anthropy writes of the work, "If you only had ten seconds left with your partner, what would you do with them? What would you say? It’s a game about the transformative, transcendent power of queer love, and is dedicated to every queer I’ve loved, no matter how briefly, or for how long."

The work was inspired by a game competition, Ludum Dare, whose theme was "ten seconds." It was built with Twine, and makes use of a modified version of Stefano Russo’s timer Twine extension. It was made with support from the crowdfunding site patreon.

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