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This work creates an interactive drag-and-drop interface to perform keyword searches in Twitter and produce a manipulable visual mapping of the results. The hashtag/keywords used by Villegas are related to poetry, music, and suffering, which when selected produce a snapshot of recent tweets on the subject. Combining keywords narrows the search, offering more thematically focused results. Part of the fun of this work is in how it arranges the results into moveable lines, so readers can experience them in different sequences, placing the tweets in conversation as they form a kind of line constellation. The limits placed on the search, along with the juxtaposition of lines, and a design that responds to the reader’s clicking and dragging motions, results in a focused authorial poetic experience, though drawn from the endlessly vast and ever-changing Twitter stream. (Source: http://collection.eliterature.org/3/work.html?work=poetuiteame)

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Susanne Dahl