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Poetrica is an investigation about reading and reception in entropic and cybrid situations and a practice of appropriation of the advertesing sytem as public space. It was launched at Galeria Vermelho, in São Paulo, 2003, and closed in P0es1s, at Kulturforum, Berlin (2004).

The project involves a series of visual poems conceived by myself with non-phonetic fonts (dings and system fonts), a DVD, digital prints, movie trailers and a teleintervention which allowed anyone to send messages, by the Web or SMS, to three commercial electronic billboards located in downtown São Paulo, using the same typographic background I used in my nomadic poems. Messages were transmitted from 4 to 8 PM for 10”, every 3 minutes, following the order of ads scheduled to be broadcast in the same billboards. All users were notified by e-mail or SMS confirming the transmission in the electronic billboards. Poetrica website archived all messages with captions that identify the original text written before its conversion in an iconic font family, revealing in some ways a community of poetic hackers of the telecommunication system who acts in public spaces. A projection inside Galeria Vermelho transmitted back to visitors the action in the electronic billboards and street images.

For P0es1s exhibition at Kulturforum a documentary about the teleintervention on DVD was produced and a series of “ad_oetries” (ads + poetry) was conceived to announce Poetrica at P0es1s on Ku’damm electronic billboard and as trailers in Berlin movie theaters.

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