A Party at Silver Beach

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Combining words and images in a narrative of love and new beginnings,  A Party at Silver Beach situates the reader at a party where visual images of the guests lead to their words. By clicking on graphic images of guests,  objects, or views from the windows, you move through the story like a guest at a party -- speaking to some guests, overhearing the conversations of others. As if at a real party,  you are invited to either stay for only a short time or to spend a longer time.  As at any party, where many of the guests are strangers, you are likely to discover only a few of the mysteries of their lives. Lovers come and go, missing each other, finding each other. And sporadic dark conversations punctuate the generally joyous experience of the celebration. 

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Created with DHTML, A Party at Silverbeach is a hyperfiction narrative with graphic image links. (icons) The interface is an expansion of the icon-based web interface Malloy created for the World Wide Web version of "The Blue Notebook", (Part II of the web version of Uncle Roger) and the work is narrated by Jenny, the narrator of Uncle Roger.

Simulating arrival at a party, the first room the reader enters offers multiple entry ways to
other rooms. In the other rooms, only the icon directly before the "?" leads to another room.

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Judy Malloy