Pandemic Encounter

Description (in English): 

Breathing is a common usually unconsious process shared by all. During COVID times, for some, it became suddenly a source of anxiety. I was one of these people.

The sound piece Pandemic Encounter is meant to exteriorate the disconfort of this raw and raspy reality in a “song” where personal respirations mix with computer generated distorted heart beats and a, by twenty artists from all over the world recorded, silence. 

In ‘Pandemic Encounter’, Annie Abrahams mixed her respirations with computer generated distorted heart beats and extracts from "Silences" by Frans van Lent. 
The piece has been used by Abrahams May 23rd 2002 in ‘Pandemic Encounters’, a Networked Performance Installation by Paul Sermon (in collaboration with Randall Packer, Gregory Kuhn, the Third Space Network and Leonardo Laser talks), in the show LOCKDOWN in La Trimouille, France (01/08-01/09 2020) and in Temps Suspendus at Plateforme, Paris, France (10-27/09 2020).

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Annie Abrahams stands in a bedroom with a blanket over her head, recording her breathing.
A grainy, black and white photograph of a bed with white sheets.
Pandemic Encounter plays on the Soundcloud website interface, with an orange background.
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Irene Fabbri