Ode to a Fallen Dialogue

Description (in English): 

This interactive game-poem is an ode to the struggles of human communication.

It reflects on the hardships of unfortunate dialogues, the splendor of reaching to the other side, the rise and fall of human connectedness, the agonies of stray meanings and words.

Expressed through the poetics of weather phenomena, this conceptually driven interactive work represents the mental landscape between two lovers, sometimes violent, sometimes resonating, a parallel metaphor for the contemporary digitally mediated condition.

Early cyberspace theories referred to an erotic ontology of digital experience. Michael Heim described the platonic dimensions of an augmented Eros. Roland Barthes on the other hand described language as the skin with which we struggle to touch the 'other'. In this game-poem, senses, meanings and ideas appear to be all permeated by the ‘spell’ of technology, a rhetorical as well as an erotic act of mediation through different worlds. 

The reader/player is asked to become part of the dipole, to meander through poetic texts and tormented emotions, at times linear, other times bifurcating, while exploring a dialogue ‘atmosphere’ inspired by visual poetry. Endeavoring to reach the 'other side' through the use of spoken language, this piece of work is an affective journey to the tempests of a fallen dialogue.

Screen shots: 
The repeated phrase 'sea of words' fills a white screen, forming a red circle on a black background.

*Ode to a Fallen Dialogue* launching trailer: An Interactive Game-Poem by Angeliki Malakasioti

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