Oczy tygrysa

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Oczy Tygrysa

(Eyes of the Tiger) is an example of an online flash adaptation of the poems of an avant-guard poet (formist) from the interwar period, Tytus Czyżewski.The authors of the adaptation, poet Łukasz Podgóni and electronic literature researcher Urszula Pawlicka chose to adapt Czyżewski’s pieces that speak explicitly to issues of mediation and mechanization. Czyżewski’s poetry serves as a precursor to the forms of aesthetic experimentation now common in electronic literature, anticipating hypertextual, interactive, generative, and kinetic forms of writing. The inspiration for this adaptation was the paraphrased words of Mark Amerika “What would Czyżewski the Formist do with new media?” Oczy Tygrysa shows how interwar poetry complements the language of new media both in terms of composition as well as semantics.

(Source: ELO 3, editorial statement)

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