Mo[X]Rphing B[l] termina: El estado de XR [Literatura]

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This project of virtual reality dates back to 1990 and born named Bodyssey,  fermented on herself and one of their collaborators, an artist called Gary Zebington. Form part of the doble special number of The Digital Review journal, called “Critical Making, Critical Design”. This project try to explore the notion of a language-induced freedom of body from through the use of speech-recognition, text, and VRML effigies. Intimate relations between interactive human body symbols, speech, text and images will mix so that the effigies’VRML bodies and verbal utterances will evolve to express a spectrum of emotions.

This project never eventuated in the particular form we envisioned, but helped to many of her works produced from the onwards, works that morph and blend interactive storyforms in unexpected ways through a mix 3D/VR, Extended Reality [XR]

Mo[X]Rphing B[l]ends: The State of XR [Literature] is a piece of creative wiring in XR (also known as Extended Reality). This work is entended as am exciting creative format of the Electronic Literature. It fits between the real/non-real as categories aligning either with the Geophysical (our own reality idea) or the Synthetic (Extended reality including VR and VA) is a largely binary distinction that slowly finds itself dissolving in those who devoted to the creation of E-Lit. Theorist Paul Milgram suggested the Reality-Virtuality Continuum as a type of linear reality scale where at one end lies Geophysically-dependent Reality [‘The Real Environment’] withe the opposite end housing the Virtual.

She is focused on XR platforms and programs in ways to create projects that flex and story-shine. XR can expand contemporary reality-versions with amazing potentials to enhance entertainment, education, social connection, and other manifestations that lie squarely in the imaginary realm.




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