Memorias y caminos

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[Performance] The idea of this “reading” (traversals) is to present the aesthetic experience of the digital work Memorias y caminos, developed in a collaborative way by Jaime Alejandro Rodríguez (writer) Cecilia Traslaviña (animator), Alejandro Forero (programmer) and Carolina Lucio (sound designer). The work, written in Spanish, offers an expanded autobiographical space that substitutes and intensifies some perceptive experiences for its virtual equivalent, and that have as reference the corporal experience in the dramatic work El hilo de Ariadna (of the Colombian artist Enrique Vargas, 1992): 1) to the opacity of the scenarios in that, follows the opacity of the interfaces here; 2) to the use of other senses to locate and cross the labyrinth in that, follows the requirement of hearing to enter into the interactive objects here (virtual galleries); and 3) the touch was also included in this strategy, because the user, having to use the mouse device to activate some functions of the interface, activates some tactile sensations. On the other hand, user participation is designed so that user interactivity is essential for its updating. Interactivity is present in the work in two ways: the first form is selective interactivity, when the user decides to enter the galleries each time he detects a sound that takes him to that entrance. The second form is the participatory interactivity, when the user decides to write a post based on their experience in a gallery.

Source: ELO Conference 2017

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Animator: Cecilia Traslaviña,  Programmer: Alejandro Forero, Sound designer: Carolina Lucio.

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Ana Castello