Mahasukha Halo

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Mahasukha -- the Nepalese Buddhist concept of transendence through erotic experience.

Mahasukha Halo -- snapshots, pleas, and confessions from a future world of alien sex and alien gods, where humans do the dirty work and put on the dirty shows. Lost missionaries, sex addicts, hyacinth men, and post-millenium religious fanatics poulate these street scenes where sex and religion are polyvalent, and body parts proliferate. (Source: Eastgate)

Mahasukha Halo is a mysterious science fiction hypertext that reveals a disturbing picture of a futuristic world where people praises creatures from another planet. To satisfy these creatures, people have to do some disturbing things. The work has a console where users can navigate through the work, see links and save their reading progress.

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Their language all sibilants, they hushed when you passed, their voices indistinguishable from the rain or the sound the masters' ships made, hidden overhead.

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Jill Walker Rettberg