The Madeleine Effect

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"The Madeleine Effect" is a digital story project, an artistic look at ways to incorporate a creative text based story in the linear format and language styling of a novel into the game world. 

I believe that when a primarily text-based fiction story is created in a visual narrative medium, it can be utilized to prompt the user to act as a character. The user therefore may be guided to perform through a narrative. I am interested in looking at interactive fiction from the perspective of a writer aiming to invite meaningful interaction leading towards playful behaviors, or acting, on the part of the player. 

"The Madeleine Effect" is a fiction story that is experienced through both digital and print media. The story interface aims to be interactive through the player's performance, which is demonstrated by inputting text into the story while playing a defined role. The interactivity in this project is focused at this time so as to more easily observe the ideas I am exploring. My hope is that this project will spur thought and conversation about ideas for increased interactivity and a more intelligent technical structure.

(Source: Author's description, 2008 ELO Conference)

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Scott Rettberg