Machine Libertine

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Machine Libertine is media poetry group. The method of our work is the exploration of the role of media in the development of literary art practices including video poetry, text generators and performance art. The main principles of the group are formulated in our Machine Poetry Manifesto pointing out the idea of liberation of the machines from the routine tasks and increasing the intensity of their use for creative and educational practices. Machine Libertine had been founded in December 2010 starting with a video poetry called Snow Queen, a piece for British Council and presented recently at Purple Blurb series at MIT and Harvard. It is a combination of masculine poetry «Poison Tree» by William Blake contrasted to mechanic female MacOS voice and cubistic video imagery of Souzfilm animation «Snow Queen» (1957). We are exploring how the text can be transformed by mechanized reading and visualizing it and what are the possible limits of this transmedia play of interpretation.

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Natalia Fedorova