Lusca Mourns The Telegraph | In Search of Lost Messages

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This project is an app that re-imagines a sea monster who communicates as or via an app. Lusca, is an ancient sea monster, who once thrived upon the telegram messages that were sent using the telegraph cable system. Back in the day, when she first noticed the cable structures being built, they were of no interest. Then, as the system came to life, the various noises aroused her curiosity. Sometime around 1877, after numerous tentative approaches to this unknown creature, she figures out how to latch onto to the structure, and manages to extract a transmission or two. The messages she steals fill her with new feelings. She grows strong. Her consciousness evolves. Sometime around the turn of the 21st century the volume of messaging drops. She sees the disrepair, the rust. She grows hungry. She is dying. She needs those messages. You can help. The app invites users to submit new messages in order to keep Lusca from losing consciousness. She then releases stolen messages of the past in order to absorb those of the present. Lusca might still be monitoring the airwaves.


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Hannah Ackermans