Letter to Linus

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A hypercube is a work of electronic fiction based on the structure of a cube. It comprises six pages, each of which links to four others. Letter to Linus uses the form of a hypercube to explore, through six points of view, the politics of electronic literature.

(Source: Author's description from Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2)

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The art of writing has always been threatened by low overhead. Until now. When you join our exclusive club, you'll enjoy the benefits of reduced competition.

My parents, before they died, bought me English as a graduation present. It's an outdated version. I hear it has fewer problems than the latest release, but I can't look up some of the newer words...

In decrepit basement rooms, gather daily to train, recite the alphabet backward and forward in seconds, write in complete darkness, memorize dictionaries.

You are even capable, some fear, of unlocking encrypted text; freely pirating newspapers, textbooks, bus schedules.

If. Dialects starved, would you still cook me dinner?

To foster literacy, the government is using helicopters to overfly target sectors, dropping poems warning of the evils of poverty. "Real friends don't need money," one optimistic slogan states.

With language rapidly gaining the status of a military technology, some form of regulation may be in order in order to lock...

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