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There have been many specialty programming languages for writing interactive fiction. The programming directory of the IF Archive holds some fifty different languages and systems. Of them, Inform is one of the best known. Since its release on April 30, 1993, Graham Nelson's IF programming language has arguably become the most popular one.

There has been little change in Inform for nearly a decade. Inform 6, the last major update, was released on April 30, 1996. Changes since then have been incremental, with the language itself remaining stable for a decade.

That changed on April 30, 2006, when Graham Nelson released Inform 7. Inform 7, or I7, is a dramatic departure from what has come before. IF languages such as Inform 6, TADS, and Hugo are procedural, C-like languages, familiar to most any modern computer programmer. I7 doesn't take that approach. Instead, its language is based on English.

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