Intersecting Lives

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This poem interweaves voices, images, words, and narrative threads to capture some of the emotional intensity of three characters in a relationship that seems to have ended. As an image-driven hypertext, the reader can click on different links usually associated with different characters to explore their thoughts. Each node has its own input cues and responds to mouse movements, mouseovers, and clicks differently, so explore the possibilities of each before clicking on too hastily or you might miss important lines in the poem. Some of the images take some interpretation and are not always clear in what they represent, enriching the experience by suggesting rather than showing. The use of handwriting and drawings also enhances a sense of the personal, and occasionally adds a layer of visual ambiguity (does she use the word “connections” or “corrections?”). The handwriting also masks a number of typos which are difficult to correct when processed as an animated image in Flash (an issue addressed in Jhave’s “Typeoms”).

(Source: Leonardo Flores, I ♥ E-Poetry)

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