How to Rob a Bank

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How To Rob A Bank is a young Bonnie and Clyde-esque love story about the mishaps that befall a young male bank robber and his female accomplice. This transmedia fiction manifests in the form of animated text conversations between the main characters, and their use of their iPhones to Google search, text, game, and use other apps on the phone as part of their capers.

The story is an immersive experience generated through readers’ hands-on use of apps, maps, imagery, animations and audio. Bigelow’s award winning 2016 multimodal work foregrounds how social technology has become a core element of daily life, and helps us see the way that social technologies structure lived experience.

The mirror effect of the character/reader’s use of personal devices as they read this piece makes this narrative relatable, shining light on widespread digital traversing behaviors. And yet, the storytelling is also traditional in its linear development with five sequential episodes.

(Source: Editorial Statement, Electronic Literature Collection Volume Four.)

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A screenshot of the work's imitation iPhone screen interface, open to the messaging app.
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Herman Hovland