Fotomo Blues

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Fotomo Blues is a work of hyperpoetry and images. It's been available online since 1997 [at].

It was made for fun in the pioneering days of the web - in 1997- in order to explore new narrative possibilities offered by online publication and a screen-based environment.

Fotomo Blues offers a satire on urban grunge and media-obsession. It's an interactive visual-verbal rap on a world of electrified air, digital melancholia, meet-them-in-the-flesh nostalgia, sound bites fights, soap star charisma, geek-speak freaks, feelgood factors contractors, hairsplitting graffiti, tabloid tyranny, toxic tranquillity, revved-up redundancy, sex, lies and a whole lot more.

When it first appeared it was described as "a timely zeit through the urban geist."

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Eric Dean Rasmussen