The Famous Sound of Absolute Wreaders

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A project by Johannes Auer for the ORF Kunstradio, Vienna. With: Reinhard Doehl, Sylvia Egger, Oliver Gassner, Martina Kieninger, Beat Suter und René Bauer Performer: Christiane Maschajechi, Stuttgart Peter Gorges, Stuttgart
6 net authors generate a text on the others' web projects. 2 narrators/announcers perform the texts in form of a collage, remix, dialogue and (white) noise. 6 net authors form a new netart projects using the texts of the others. The radio version of this net project consists of four parts which add up to a radio play that represents different grades of (human) control: Part 1 is a kind of hand-made collage of the complete written material and, thus, is controlled "by human". For Part 2, the text modules of this collage were re-assembled by the computer (randomly "generated") - human control was abandoned. In Part 3, the announcers comment on this computer-generated collage - bringing human control back in (but at the same time infiltrating the meaning of authorship). In Part 4, finally, the announcers themselves lose control due to t heir being under the influence of alcohol ...

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Johannes Auer