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This visually and rhythmically enthralling piece uses a minimalist interface to create a work that resonates in its repetitions. Organized to look both as a visual piece and a code poem, it uses a simple interface to organize the language and produce multiple readings of each part. I recommend reading this poem out loud to feel the rhythm established by all the repetitions of falling in each line, starting with the page as it loads before clicking on any links. Clicking on the words in the first column trigger the display of new parts of the poem on the right hand column, parts that seem to tell stories of relationships, states of being, moods, war, and other human concerns. You may choose to read the whole thing linearly and intuit a narrative from the sequence, or you may read it texturally, occasionally including a “falling” from the central column for the sake of increasing the echoing quality of the piece and adding a layer of wordplay.

(Source: Leonardo Flores, I ♥ E-Poetry)

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