Fable Girls: A Living Photos Series

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Retellings of classic fairy tales and childrens' stories: Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Cindarella. The stories are told in a series of "living photos", that is images with limited video motion, and in some cases, sentences and phrases are used to tell the story. Readers for the most part move through the stories by clicking "next" arrows, but in some cases - for instance when Red meets the "wolf" - readers are given a choice that affects the rest of the story.

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No individual author is listed, though actors and graphic designers are credited. "The Lab" is listed as the production company. Riccardo Milanesi is listed as responsible for the concept on Alice Underground.

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Screenshot from the retelling of Snow White in Fable Girls.
Screenshot from the scene where Red meets the "wolf" in the Fable Girls retelling.
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Jill Walker Rettberg