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Entre (‘Enter’) (2001), a CD-ROM created by Brazilian artists Rafael Lain and Angela Detanico, that makes us think that it is possible to dare a non-phonetic thinking as a matrix of new cultural practices. The CD’s title, Entre, comprises some of its features. “Entre” in Portuguese means, as an imperative verb, “enter” and as an adverb it means “between,” and this double meaning transforms the title into an invitation and into a challenge: an invitation because it invites us to think of nothing but exploring its universe; a challenge because it constantly makes us hesitate in trying to define it, since it is a project that stays between writing and speech, between music and drawing, between letter and digit. Without explanations, it gives the reader two possibilities: to touch images, drawing with sounds, randomly using the computer keyboard; or installing a series of fonts created by Rafael Lain.

(Description from Giselle Beiguelman, "The Reader, the Player and the Executable Poetics: Towards a Literature Beyond the Book")

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Scott Rettberg