El 27 || The 27th

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In Eugenio Tisselli's own words, "[t]he global financial dictatorship presents us with a paradox: while the economic transactions capable of shifting the destinies of entire countries are the result of performative language, it is language itself that, in turn, is transformed and subjected to the flows of financial markets." In 1917, Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution declared all land to be property of the people. This law protecting indigenous territories and communal modes of living was altered in 1992 as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed into existence. El 27 || The 27th procedurally allegorizes the slow encroachment of finance capitalism and linguistic colonialism in to Mexican political life. Ever day that the New York Stock Exchange closes with a positive percent, a section of Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution is translated from Spanish into a highly distorted computer-generated English. The work is a simply yet scathing expression of the loss of Mexican culture and political autonomy in the wake of NAFTA under the excesses of computational capitalism. The erosion of Mexican soil and culture at the hands of ultrafast algorithmic trading and linguistic robots will eventually terminate in a nonhuman textual landscape of speculative nonsense. (Source: ELC 3's Editorial Statement)

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