Droites et Courbes / Lines and Curves

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Lines and Curves

Lines and Curves is a collection of electronic poems for PC andApple Macintosh available on Internet. I needed a player everybody has on his computer which could be downloaded easily, even with a slow connection. These conditions once performed, my purpose was to focus on one of electronic poetry Fundamentals : moving shapes generated by algorithms. The items which appear upon the screen will be different for each computer. Letters are made of lines, thick or thin, up or down strokes, round or straight, vertical, or horizontal. Words are made of letters, and sentences are made of words. Lines and curves are the basic units of all writing and printing. The most elementary written (or printed) poetry is the combination of lines and curves. « A » is line-line-line « B » line-line-curve-line-curve-line. Only the « O « is a single closed curve, a circle impossible to write perfectly but by Raphaël. This reminds me that writing is drawing. Young children know this very well. Lines and Curves is drawn poetry; not drawn by me or somebody else, but by a device.

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Patrick Burgaud