Det siste utbruddet / The Last Volcano

Description (in English): 

This video project explores Norwegian folk histories that return as fragments in light of ongoing volcanic eruptions. The project was recorded in Bergen following the disruptions caused by the activities of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland. A folk history of disaster is set against slowly revolving images set in a contemporary landscape. This is the first of a series of works recorded in Norway that juxtapose folk histories and contemporary events to explore narrative and associative characteristics of cultural anxieties and collective memory. The project was researched and filmed by Roderick Coover in 2010 thanks to a distinguished-scholar-in-residence award from the University of Bergen.

Contributors note: 

Direction: Roderick Coover
Writing: Scott Rettberg
Translation by: Daniel Apollon, Jill Walker Rettberg, and Gro Jørstad Nilsen
Voices: Gro Jørstad Nilsen and Jan Arild Breistein
Co-producers: Roderick Coover and Scott Rettberg

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Scott Rettberg