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.   The first version of the Rhiz-o-Mat was created on the 'm.e.s.s.i.a.h.' site circa May 1995. A Thousand Plateaus recommended a record-album style of reading -- what if it skipped? So young and innocent. Gray backgrounds. A series of meta-tags. A simple quote feeder. "Push Media" was on the cover of Wired. It was all very exciting...
 .   The list of quotes slowly grew and the background became an officious white, but the structure remained doggedly multilinear. Rigidly lockstep. Oh, but such a clever name! Such an empty container! Tried to make digital dirty -- digital not dirty? Ha ha ha! Eventually, finally, 'messiah' was de-rezed.
 .   BlebNet has now reformatted this arcane textual artifact with an all new post-apocalyptic shell with a client-based back-end squiggle. Still a white background, but now the pesky linearity has been Authored into a degree of obscurity. Hopefully your reading will now be an even bigger problem. Hopefully.

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