The Dead Tower

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Explore a dark, mountainous landscape dominated by a gigantic tower. 

Set in a dark and abstract dream world that revolves around a crashed bus, the atmospheric literary game environment The Dead Tower can be freely explored at full-screen with the mouse and keyboard. Leonardo Flores says about the project: “This narrative poem is arranged on a darkly atmospheric virtual world designed to both creep you out and pull you in…“. Like the proverbial moth, the reader’s attention is drawn towards the brightest things around: white words float in the air, static or rotating. And the lines of mezangelle verse both heighten the dread by telling fragments of a ghostly narrative prefigured by the bus crash site the reader finds herself in and soften the tone with hints about the interface that nudge the fourth wall. (Source: GalleryDDDL description)

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this. broken. space [chamber (gamer) place + constrict (l) ure]

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Requires Flash Player 11 or higher.

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