The Dazzle as Question

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The Dazzle as Question is an animated hypermedia poem which traces the conflict between the left and right brain inclinations of an erstwhile 'old school' artist [as] experienced via his encounter with the digital realm. This conflict notes the[digital] media/um's seemingly unrivaled sway as pitted against the narrator's right brain predilections [heralds of an identity within which he was formerly ensconced, as if such were an ethic of his very being …].

The Dazzle … is a lyrical one; it's locutional marks and varied rhythmic emphases are indicative of the particular tones and dialectical nature of the question and confusion underlying this untoward 'love/hate' relationship. The poem is wrought with the haunt of a foreboding caught between fascination and an almost 'big-brother'-like fear of the 'addiction' to which the narrator is succumbing. The noted tendencies of the digital are then marked by the use of text within the piece - it is not easily read, but is rather ghostlike and obscured - thereby signifying the effect of the media/um in erasing/displacing the narrator's words/identity, undermining his marks. The effect is thus abstracted, culminating in an aura, shall we say, which is more "... impressionistic/textural than textual."

(Source: Author's statement, Poems That Go)

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Eric Dean Rasmussen