Description (in English): 

CODE STORY is a visual and literary arts project, which includes nine digital code portraits. Which includes nine static, physical photographs, and nine dynamic, virtual Web pages. 

The Digital code are compromised of standard codes with values ranging from 0 to 255. It is the value, sequence, and most importantly the interpretation of these codes that determine what information is represented. The Codestory project investigates possibilities for a creative interpretation of digital code. 

Pull Quotes: 

If you think of     
digital code as digital DNA,    
and datasets as genetic maps,    
then you are understanding the creative thrust of this project.

Technical notes: 

The Codestory project uses digital code to create new visual and literary portraits, which portraits are rendered both as physical photographs and as virtual Web pages. Each photograph and corresponding Web page is created using digital code from a unique dataset.
A dataset is constructed of digital code from an original portrait photograph; processed digital code that can be dynamically combined and recombined with virtually endless variation.

Also; the Screenshots provided only illustrates one (of each of the nine generative artworks) of many possible outcomes, following the inherent generative features of the artworks.

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