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BATTLESCAR is an animated VR film starring Rosario Dawson that follows the story of Lupe, a Puerto Rican punk kid living in the Lower east side of Manhattan in 1978. An interactive coming of age story, memories are brought to life as the audience navigates through Lupe’s journey. Get lost and found, get turned upside down in this wild tale of a runaway kid, her friendship with Debbie and how together they create Battlescar, a punk band born from the Bowery.

Produced by: Arnaud Colinart (Producer), René Pinnell (Executive Producer)

Team: Rosie Ruogu Huang (Assistant), Martin Allais (Director), Nico Casavecchia (Director), Arnaud Colinart (Producer), René Pinnell (Executive Producer)

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Battlescar - Teaser - ARTE

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