Amor-mundo, ou a vida, esse sonho triste

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Amor-mundo, ou a vida, esse sonho triste [World-love, or life, that sad dream] is an animated text which proposes generative schemes of both visual and audio animation. Building on metaphors and images from the works of the Portuguese poet Florbela Espanca, and using as its starting point the Actionscript code of Jared Tarbel, this work includes five poems: Part 1 - Deixa-me ser a tua mais triste mágoa; Part 2 - Eu queria ser o mar alto; Part 3 - Passo no mundo a ler o misterioso livro;  Part 4 - Sou o vento que geme e quer entrar; Part 5 - Horas mortas. The reader can add to these poems random spatial layers that allow the creation of multiple constellations of meaning.

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Jared Tarbel: programming (
Filipe Valpereiro: sound script
Nuno F. Ferreira: sound script
Sérgio Bairon: sound
Luís Aly: sound
Nuno M. Cardoso: voice

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