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A Site for Collaborative Reading of E-Lit Mark C. Marino, Jessica Pressman, Jeremy Douglass
An Emerging Canon? A Preliminary Analysis of All References to Creative Works in Critical Writing Documented in the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base Scott Rettberg
Babel Simon Biggs
Building the Infrastructural Layer: Reading Data Visualization in the Digital Humanities Dana Solomon
Case Study: Analyzing I ♥ E-­Poetry via Visualizations from ELMCIP Knowledge Base Data Leonardo L. Flores
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, Autumn 2016) Álvaro Seiça, Scott Rettberg
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, Fall 2012) Scott Rettberg, Jill Walker Rettberg, Leonardo L. Flores, Patricia Tomaszek
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, Fall 2017) Álvaro Seiça
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, Spring 2015) Álvaro Seiça, Scott Rettberg
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, UiB, Fall 2013) Patricia Tomaszek, Scott Rettberg
Dynamic Visualization Tools for Data Discovery Patricia Tomaszek
Embodied Algorithms: On Space and Mobility as Structural Metaphors Romy Achituv
Friending The Humanities Knowledge Base: Exploring Bibliography as Social Network in Rose Alan Liu, Rita Raley, Dana Solomon
Making Visible the Invisible George Legrady
One Book, Many Readings: Nostalgia and Finite State Machines
Poetry Chains and Collocations Angus Forbes
Technologies That Describe: Data Visualization and Contemporary Fiction Heather Houser
The Aesthetics of Feminist Digital Archiving in the Suffrage Postcard Project Kristin Allukian
The Final Problem Judd Morrissey
Think Again: Artificial Intelligence, Television, and Video Joe Milutis
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