An Annotated Bibliography Of Interactive Fiction Scholarship

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An Annotated Bibliography Of Interactive Fiction Scholarship Including Fan-produced Criticism and Theory

The term "interactive fiction" is here applied to a specific form of computer-mediated textual narrative that responds to user input, generally in the form of brief typed commands (e.g. "take keys" or "headmaster, tell me about Malcolm").  The text unfolds collaboratively, with the "player" actually writing part of the narrative. This bibliography does not examine literary hypertext.

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§ 1) Academic/Professional Sources
1.1: Books, Articles and Theses
1.2: Conference Papers, Project Reports and Student Papers
§ 2) General (Non-academic) Publications
2.1: Reportage (Journalism and Non-academic Books)
2.2: Essays (Nostalgia and Reflection)
2.3: Literature (References to IF in Other Genres)
§3) Manifestos and Taxonomies
Reviews, commentary and criticism from the IF
§ 4) Archives and Meta-resources
Newsletters, weblogs, and other compilations.


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