ELMCIP Knowledge Base Now Hosted by NorStore

The ELMCIP Knowledge Base has moved from a commercial host to faster servers at NorStore. This is a long-awaited development that will lead to better performance and room to grow, both in terms of memory and storage. Thanks to NorStore and to Stein Magne Bjørklund, who has been working his happen. A lot of behind the scenes problems that resulted in sluggishness will be solved for this, and we will soon be implementing new search functionality. This is also the first stage of our post-HERA funding plan in which the ELMCIP KB will be hosted on Norwegian national research infrastructure for a long term after the HERA project ends. There may be some anomolies as we complete this transition but we are very pleased to see this development, which we have been working for more than a year to bring about, come to light.